You said, Single Logon, right?

Recent Project Notes and Observations:
  Small business goes Enterprise!
  Why Ent Linux is a Bad Idea!
  Open Source Integration
  If Architecture is the Key...
  ...then Power is the Foundation
  Connecting Offices - WAN
  Office Networking @ 1000MB
  VPNs, T1s and the Internet
  Switches Everywhere
  VLAN Strategies
  Server Deployment
  Dynamic Client Addressing
  SAMBA File Shares Part I
  SAMBA Print Shares
  LDAP Master Part I
  LDAP Initial Load
  LDAP Master Part II
  LDAP Replica Setup
  LDAP Replica Load
  LDAP Enterprise
  Sendmail Switch
  Sendmail IMAP
  Novell Migration
  Windows Migration
  SAMBA File Shares Part II
  RSYNC - Security & SSH I
  RSYNC - Novell to Linux
  RSYNC - Windows to Linux
  Linux to Linux I - Snapshots
  Linux to Linux II - Backups
  Linux to Linux III - Archives
  RSYNC Security & SSH II
  Standard Operating Procedures
  Keeping up - RPM Updates
  Keeping up - Security Alerts
  Lessons Learned
  Chinks in the Open Source Armor

When I worked at One Liberty Plaza in New York City, I often admired the bronze statue of a business person taking a lunch break on one of the benches. When this park got really busy after grabbing a bite at one of the local curb-side carts, I always wished there was a way to get the statue to leave to grab its seat. For myself, after witnessing the WTC towers collapse from about 20 miles to the east, I was taken by this particular photograph. After working at Gartner Group, I used to think it was what you produced and left behind that counted, but in seeing this art survive a terrorist attack and the fall of two buildings that I knew so well, I realized it's what you take from the experience, demonstrated by hundreds of thousands that poured out their spirits and memories in support of the few survivors, the many martyrs and patriots that lost their lives and the bravest and finest that responded to those in the towers when hope raced with every heartbeat of everyone on the scene and everyone struggling on how to respond, how to find loved ones and those in shock trying to leave the scene to never be the same again. I often return to the park, and walk through the cemented over ground and missing trees and lost place of peace, and wonder where did this statue go.
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